I have +8 years experience in the design and advertising industry; 4 years consisting of working as a designer/art director for a top advertising agency and thereafter a boutique design studio. Since then I've continued to freelance for prestigious brands, agencies (traditional & digital), corporate & strategist firms.

SKILLS / Print, Digital & Presentation Design
Predominately in print (logo development, branding, layouts, iconography & infographics) & knowledge for digital design. As well as a whizz in presentations such as PowerPoint, Keynote & Google Slides.

LOCATION / Currently based in London & willing to relocate for long term contracts.


Hano Erasmus, Head of Design,
MMI Holdings

I have worked with Jeanine numerous times on a variety of projects. She is completely dedicated and shows initiative to get projects going and complete them at the highest standard possible. She is easy to get along with; either by delegating work to or leaving her to take on a project independently. She asks the right questions if she is unsure on a project to ensure she creates the desired deliverables. I wouldn't think twice about working with her again, it's always a pleasure.

Joseph Haworth, Client Relationship Executive, Knight Frank

We have repeatedly used Jeanine for her design work which usually has tight deadlines. Not only does Jeanine handle the pressure extremely well, she produces amazing documents which our clients are highly impressed by. We always ask for Jeanine's availability first and so do our Partners. 

On top of all this she has become part of the of the team; she is enthusiastic and friendly which is always appreciated and we are always sad to see her leave at the end of each project. We couldn’t recommend her more highly.

Christiane Botha, Marketing Manager, MWR InfoSecurity

I have known and worked with Jeanine for approximately 5 years. The quality of her design work is of a high standard. She is a professional who seeks perfection while aligning her work appropriately to each brief and request. I recommend her for freelance work of any nature as she has the ability to both conceptualise and pay attention to the details of intricate projects. 

Robby Kojetin, International Keynote Speaker & Author

Jeanine Coleman is a talented and focused asset to any team is she is a part of. I enjoyed working with her both as a conceptual and creative person but also as a driven and detail-orientated person.

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