A BUSINESS PROBLEM / The Havas Media Group's existing design documents for the internal HR assets (Social, job application documents, Linked In posts, welcome packs, recruitment forms, policies, etc) were inconsistent as well as not being accessible for the team to edit on a basic platform.

A DESIGN SOLUTION /  A fresh look was created to realign with Havas as a brand. Having worked for Havas before, I felt very connected to the brief as well as understanding the company and the energy it held. Creating a concept to reflect what Havas stood for was easy having experienced it first hand - Havas is about people. Portraits were used as the hero image and thereafter each department was identified with colour-codes and a unique shape. The shape was created by splitting up pieces from the Havas logo itself. Documents were created as editable PDF's and PowerPoint files enabling population of content for the HR team to use.

PLATFORMS USED / Primary: InDesign, Adobe Acrobat, PowerPoint